Compliance forms are a must during enrollment to a gym. Most of the gyms maintain hard copies of all the signed compliance forms. However, maintaining hard copies requires lot of time and space and also utilizes inventory like paper, ink, printer.

The Waiver feature in Fitness Force will help you with paperless compliance form! 

What is a Waiver?

A Waiver is like a Client Form. Waivers will be mandatory for each member on the member profile page (if online/digital waivers have not been filled and will be applicable to first purchase only). These waivers forms need customer consent. Once customer consent is provided, the agreed copy of the terms with the date-time and OTP specified will be emailed to the member and the same will be uploaded under client forms in the Fitness Force Web Application.

e.g. Currently as per the manual process, the T&C of a gym needs to be agreed to and signed by a customer. For this currently, T&C forms are printed and physically signed by the customer. These copies are stored in files or scanned and stored on the machine. This will be eliminated using the OTP validation feature of Digital Waivers.

The member waivers will be stored securely in FitnessForce gym management software cloud based system. You can search and find your previously signed waiver in seconds. During any new company set up, waivers section are automatically configured, or are configured under manage questionnaire setting as an upload able form.

Step 1 – The gym representative will send an OTP to the members registered mobile number.

Step 2- Member will receive an SMS with the OTP number and a link to the terms and conditions. On click of this link, the member will re-directed to a page with the waiver T&C listed.

Step 3 – When the member provides the OTP to the Gym representative, it will be entered on the OTP textbox of the member profile. On submission a display stating, “OTP verified successfully. Files uploaded under waiver client form indicates that the waiver form are acknowledged by the members.

Our digital waiver feature is also available on the FitnessForce Mobile App, Client portal and Purchase portal. Here the gym representative are not involved. On every first purchase when the waiver is not already filled, the user will be prompted to sign up the waiver using OTP. The waiver T&C will pop up in the purchase flow which need to be agreed to by validating it with the OTP.

Step 1 – Once the user accepts the product terms and conditions, system will generate a pop-up for the member to fill in the waiver. Waiver will only show up if it’s the first membership purchase.

Step 2 – Once the member signs the waiver through OTP, a form gets logged, on the member’s profile page in the web application under client forms.

The member has 3 attempts to input the OTP however due to technical or network error or incorrect OTP to ensure the purchase is not restricted, In web application, the staff can upload the client waiver form in the member profile for a physical purchase. In case of mobile app, client portal or purchase portal the member can contact the Gym representative and the upload of form can be completed.

When the Waiver validation process is complete for any member, the same will be visible on the Client Summary page. 

If the Waiver is incomplete/ not filled for any member, the Client summary page will show this in Red as shown below.

For the existing members, whose digital Waiver is not filled, the Waiver field on the client summary page will be marked as Red. For this, the Gym representative, can click this Red “No Waiver” option. On click, the same Waiver pop up will open up and the same above mentioned process will be followed.

Once the waiver is filled, the status will be marked as Complete and the Client summary page will change this to Green as shown below.

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