Email transactional report

Email transactional report

This report provides you the individual status of each email sent in a particular date range. 

How to check the email transaction report

  • Refine your search based on which centre, state, city and under which account manager you want to check the report for. In case you select 'All' and if you have the rights then you will be able to see the report for all centres
  • Select the date range (From Date- To Date) or select the time period i.e. today, yesterday, last week, this week, last month, this month. 

You can further refine your search using the various filters:

  • Template Name – Name of the Email template Sent
  • Sent By – Through whose User ID has the Email been sent
  • Email Type –  was it automated/live / manual
  • Status - Quad, Sent, Processing
  • Opened- Yes, No - If the client has opened the email
  • Click - Yes, No - if the client has clicked a link inside the email
  • Click on Search

The following detailed report will open with the below details:

  • Client ID
  • Name
  • Center Name
  • Created Date – Email Sent Date
  • Template name
  • Status – This shows the reason for non-delivery of Email
  • Status Date – This column provides the date and time of when the status has been updated
  • Opened- Yes, No - If the client has opened the email
  • Click - Yes, No - if the client has clicked a link inside the email


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