Enquiry report

Enquiry report

How to Navigate to the Report     

  • Hover on Reports Tab and Click on Enquiry Report.

How to Filter Report to view Enquiry Details

  • Select Date from the Enquiry Date from – date picker from which the enquiry details are to be viewed.
  • Select date from the Enquiry Date to – date picker till which the enquiry details are to be viewed.
  • Select Enquiry source from its drop-down.
  • Select Enquiry type from its drop-down.
  • Select Services Interested in, from its drop-down.
  • Select Language, from its drop-down
  • Select Gender, from its drop-down.
  • Select Fitness goal, from its drop-down.
  • Select Client Rep, from its drop-down
  • Select Workout time, from its drop-down.
  • Select Location, from its drop-down
  • Select Personal interest, from its drop-down.
  • Select Organization, from its drop-down.
  • Click on Search to view the report
  • As per the selected filters, Number of enquiries found will be displayed.
  • Click on ‘Export’ to export the report in excel format.

Enquiry Report – Details (Following details of the enquiry will be mentioned in the report)

  • Customer/Enquiry ID
  • Number of Follow up on the enquiry
  • Enquiry Name
  • Enquiry Source
  • Enquiry Type
  • Fitness Goal
  • Name of the Client Rep
  • Preferred Language
  • Email
  • Created By
  • Workout time
  • Location

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