Enquiry sign-up flow

Enquiry sign-up flow

Below steps are involved for an enquiry

Step 1 -
Complete the initial app set up by selecting the language the user wishes to view the application in, as shown in the image below.

Step 2 -
Once the language is selected, the system will redirect the member to enter the phone number. 
  1. Upon being redirected to the page, on the basis of the IP address from where the application is being logged in, the system will automatically pre-select the country code, which can also be manually changed/selected by the customer.
  2. On the same page, url for terms of service will be available.
  3. On clicking the terms of service url, the member will be redirected to another page where terms & conditions will be listed.
  4. Once the member enters the phone number and accepts the terms of service, the database will validate the user to be a member/enquiry or new lead.

Step 3 -
If the mobile number does not match with the database, the application will redirect to the Sign-up Page.
  1. The user will need to fill in details like First Name, Last Name, Email, Date of birth and also ask the user to select the club to purchase the membership,
  2. Once all the required information is filled, click on Sign-up, it will redirect to the OTP page.

Step 4 -
System will verify the mobile number through OTP. At this stage, no sensitive data of the member will be visible on the screen.
  1. Enter the OTP sent on the mentioned mobile number →  click on continue.
  2. Once the OTP is verified, the user will be redirected to the Dashboard of the centre selected by the Enquiry at the time of Sign-up.

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