Expected follow-up

Expected follow-up

The expected follow-up should be opened only if you are expecting part payment from the client while creating the invoice. e.g. A client wants to join a gym. If a client wished to purchase a 12 month membership worth Rs. 12,000. Currently, the client pays Rs. 7,000 and Rs. 5,000 is the balance due amount.

  1. Click on the Create New Membership Bill in the purchase history.

  1.    Go to the Payment section (right side) and select the payment mode.


  1.  Add the part payment amount in the ‘Amount’ section and click on ‘Pay Now’.

  1.   As the client is making a part payment, the follow-up section would open automatically. After clicking on Pay Now the ‘Follow-Up’ button will be reflected. Click on Follow-Up (Bottom).

  1.   This will open the ‘Add Follow-Up’ Section.

  1. Select the ‘Follow-Up Type’ in the drop-down as Balance Payment.

  1. Assigned To, would be selected as ‘Client rep’ or any specific department as per the setting configured in the software.

  1.  Select the ‘Call Response’ as Follow-Up again.

  1. Select the Convertibility as Expected.

  1. Select the Expected payment date and add the Expected Amount (the expected amount will be the remaining part payment amount).

  1. Select the Next Follow-Up Date & Time as for reminder of the balance payment

  1. Then add a comment in the comment box for the balance payment

  1. Then click on ‘Add Follow-Up’.

  1. You can click on Submit and an invoice will be generated as ‘Overdue’ in the Purchase History section.

Note:  The balance amount will also show in the ‘Membership Details’ Section as Balance Due to the member's profile.

You will find the Balance payment reminder on the Dashboard under Expected Payments Section as per Next Follow-Up Date.


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