Follow-up feature

Follow-up feature

Follow-up feature provides a convenient classification in Follow-up types. The classification of Follow-ups will allow the representative to know the type of Follow-up they have to perform. This will help to increase the effectiveness and clarity to the sales representatives, front desk executives, trainers and also provide clarity to the owners while viewing the Follow-up report based on the types which can be bifurcated by names of the Follow-up.


e.g. Gym Membership Renewal, Balance, Feedback, Notes, Enquiry, Trial.

Furthermore, these Follow-ups can be configured based on departments or client rep. through the setting in the Follow-up Type Master known as Assign To. 


Different types of Follow-ups that can be created:-

  • Manual Follow-up

  • Automated Follow-up

Manual Follow-up:-  This type of Follow-up is designed according to your convinience and are generated on the dashboard on the date that you select on the respective pages. 

e.g. If you want a Note to be updated for a client on his/her profile which could be based on their behaviour or an Escalation from the client.


Refer to Manual Follow-up Configuration to learn more


Where can you choose the manual Follow-up(s) to open after configuring from Settings:- 


  1. Client Summary Page:

  1. Dashboard

Image i: Where to see the Quick Follow-up:


Image ii. Where to add the notes/comments in the Quick Follow-up:

As shown in the above images in both Client Profile and Dashboard, you can have the notes/comments added in the clients profile.


Automated Follow-up: This type of Follow-ups are the ones which will open on the Dashboard based on the configuration done through the Follow-up Type List. It depends on scenarios i.e. if you need a Feedback Follow-up call for members to be opened after 30 days from the Activation Date of the members membership or a Renewal Follow-up before the members membership expires. 

These Follow-ups will automatically open on the dashboard of the respective staff on whom it has been assigned based on the configuration. It can either be Client Representatives or based on the department, round-robin basis staff. All depends on the automated Follow-up type configuration.

This way you can also configure automated Follow-ups based on your requirements for e.g.


  • Feedback based on the validity of days i.e. 30 Days, 60 Days, 90 Days and so on for Sales Representatives / Front Desk Executives.


  • Reminders to take the measurement of the member based on the validity of the membership for Trainers.


  • Renewal Follow-up based on the different services/memberships like Personal Training, Zumba, Yoga, MMA, Swimming, KickBoxing, etc. for the Sales Executives.


Below are the images of i. Renewal Follow-up Type, ii. Feedback Follow-up Type for your reference.

Image i: Renewal Follow-up Type:




Image ii: Feedback Follow-up Type:


The below image shows where the Follow-ups will show on the Dashboard after proper config is done.


1. Who can configure the Follow-up Feature in the FitnessForce Software?

Ans: The owner or/and the admin of the centre.

2. In case we have entered the wrong comments, can that be edited or deleted?

Ans: No, you will have to create a new one as the editing and deleting option is not applicable.

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