How to Send BULK SMS

How to Send BULK SMS

In FitnessForce software, the authorized personnal can send BULK SMS which are configured as Manual Templates in the SMS Master. The SMS can be sent via Reports. There are different types of reports based on the requirement that is required to send the SMS in bulk. Bulk SMS can be promotional or transactional. For example in case of Promotional SMS templates like any offer that is going on in the centre. And example for Transactional SMS sending in bulk would be like centre closed for Maintenance work. 
Kindly find the steps below on how to send SMS in BULK.

Login into your FitnessForce Software
- As shown in the image above, go to - Reports
- Click on - Client Database

- After clicking on Client Database, you will directed on the above page.
- You can chose to send to all the clients which include Enquiry, Trial and Member.

- In case you want to send the bulk SMS to only Enquiries or All Members, then you can select the Client Type in the dropdown as shown in the image above.
- Select the type if required and then click on Search button so only those list of clients will reflect below to send them the Bulk SMS.

- Click on Search button to fetch all the client list below to whom the Bulk SMS has to be sent.

- As soon as you click on Search button, you will get the Statistics as shown in the image above.
- Click on SMS tab.

- After clicking on SMS tab, you will get all the Manual SMS templates that have been configured in the SMS Master.
- Click on the SEND hyperlink.
- Note: In case the SMS has been purchased from FF, then you will get the Green Cloud and the count of available SMS credits.

- After clicking on SEND hyperlink, it gives us 2 options for sending the SMS.
Send to all clients: This selection is for sending SMS to all clients.
Send to all selected on current page: This selection is for current page or few selected clients on the same page.
- There is another way too to send to one client for test purposes, i.e. by searching the Client under the Contact No. field. It also has not only the contact number but also other options like Name, Client ID, Email ID.

- Once the desired option has been selected, then click on the SEND button as shown in the above image.

- As shown in the above image only 2 clients were there and hence only 2 SMS were sent.
- Similarly, if the centre had n-number of clients and the SMS was sent in bulk to all then the number of clients will reflect on the popup as shown in the image.

- The above image of a 3rd Party SMS vendor integrated as you can view the Count of the SMS shows a long hyperlink which states to purchase SMS which is for FF SMS.
- In case of 3rd Party SMS, the SMS count wont be visible. Hence, you can ignore the same.

Which report to check for the SMS being sent?

- SMS Transactional Report: This report will show the SMS sent to the clients along with the name of the client and the template whether Manual, Live or Automated.

- The above image is of the FF SMS delivered in Bulk.

- The above image shows the 3rd Party vendor SMS.
- As you can see, the status shows what the 3rd party vendor sends via API integration.

- The above image is of the SMS received.

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