Manage purpose on the calendar

Manage purpose on the calendar

Manage purpose on the calendar feature enables the staff to book the session based products in the calendar & deduct completed sessions from the member’s profile. e.g. appointment, group class, zumba, yoga

  • Click on Settings → Manage Purpose (You will land on page shown below)

  • Click on Add New option to create the Manage Purpose. (You will get form to add details as shown below)

  • Company Name – by default the club or the gym in which you have logged in.

  • Purpose Type – 4 type of purpose to map with Product Type you can select from:

  • Paid Session – select this option if you want the session to be deducted from the member's account 

  • Free Session – select this option if the club has a free PT session & members can avail the service

  • Free for Member’s Session – Session can be availed by members even if they don’t have session base product

  • Paid Without Base Membership – select this option, if only PT product active is on their profile & club do not want base membership 

  • Purpose Name – purpose which you want to select. e.g. personal training, zuma, yoga)

  • Purpose Status – To activate the purpose select the active radio button. In case you want to deactivate the purpose then select the Inactive radio button.

  • Purpose Description – same as purpose name.

  • Color – choose any one color for this purpose. Color will be seen on the calendar while booking the session.

  • Product Type – You can select the product type using the drop-down to map with this purpose. (Select product type of the respective product for which we are creating the purpose. So when an appointment or the class is booked in the calendar then mapped products will help to deduct the session for that member.)

  • Gender – Can restrict the members as per gender using the radio buttons.

  • Manage this purpose on self service/ app – Select the radio buttons respectively if you want this purpose to be managed from application.

  • Center – Here you have to select your club in which you wish to apply the created purpose. 

  1. Base Product Type 1 – Using the drop down you can select the base membership of the club which can be compulsory to use session based products.e.g. There are clubs which do not sell session based products without Gym membership so then we have to select that base membership product type. If in case there is no base membership restriction at club then you select the Purpose Type as Paid Without Base Membership.

  • Session Type – You can select Appointment if it’s personal training & if it is group training then you can select Class using the drop-down.

  • Max Capacity – In a group how many members are allowed. (Let’s say there is a Zumba class & you want only 15 members to be allowed in one session of class. So you will put number 15 in the column)

  • Max Wait List – How many members you want to keep on the waiting list can be put here in the column.

  • Sub Purpose Name – If there are 2 rooms at your club for classes so you can add respective rooms name from here. (While booking the class in calendar it will show you to select the room where the class will be available.

  • Allow Trainer Overlapping – You will always keep this as NO using the drop-down. Reason, if already the training is booked for a particular member at around 5 pm then at same time if any other member tries to book the same trainer then it should not show available.

  • Allow Room Overlapping - You will always keep this as NO using the drop-down. Reason, if already the room is booked for a particular class at around 5 pm then at same time if any other member tries to book the same room then it should not show available.

  • No. of Sessions a Member can take  Total number of sessions a member can use per day, per week, and per month by adding the number in column & select the respective option using the drop-down.

  • Post session maintenance time – you can keep in a buffer for maintenance before starting the new session. Select the respective option using the drop-down.

  • Can the member cancel the appointment/Class via self service / app - You can provide rights to the member for cancelling the class/appointment using the radio button. (If any member has booked a class & member got some plans due to which member won’t be able to attend the class so he can cancel the booking thru Mobile application.

  • Special message – Can set the cancellation message here (SMS service should be available)

  • Session Owner for Appointment – You select trainer for this purpose (Selected trainers on calendar while booking the appointment/Class)    

  • Check base membership on booking – Selecting this option will check if a member has base active membership on their profile. 

  • Image (for mobile app) – You can add the image related to the Purpose which will reflect on the Mobile app.

  • Upload Logo (for mobile app) - You can add the logo for the Purpose which will reflect on the Mobile app.

  • Post adding all the required information then click on Submit.

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