Manual SMS

Manual SMS

Manual feature enables you to send SMS to your clients as and when you wish. Manual SMS can be sent either for pending balance or informing clients about a new offer/campaign or the gym being closed for maintenance.


How is a SMS template configured?


  • Login into your FitnessForce Software


  • Go to Settings > Click on – SMS Master



  • Click on – Create New


  • Under Send SMS – Select : Manually



  • Template Name – write down the identification name


  • Appointment Status – not mandatory


  • Template Text – write down your SMS template



Note – you can use the variables below to personalize the SMS.


  • FIRSTNAME – Will pick up the client name from the client profile

  • LASTNAME - Will pick up the client lastname from the client profile

  • MIDDLENAME - Will pick up the client middle from the client profile

  • MEMBERID – Will pick up the client id from the client profile

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