Message Broadcast

Message Broadcast

Communication with your internal team within the club is very important. Having clear communication at the right place and at the right time makes or breaks the deal. The message broadcast feature from FitnessForce helps you do just that - send clear communication out to the right people at the right time. You may choose to send the communication to the entire center or users/individuals within the center. You may choose to send your communication with varying permutations and combinations. E.g. Send to "Everyone at this Branch" or "Sale's team at all Branches", all with just a few simple clicks.

How to create the Message Broadcast:

  1. In order to broadcast the message internally, click on the Settings option, then Click on – Message Broadcast you will be redirected to another page where you can configure the message.

  1. In the above image, you can search the past record of the message that is broadcasted and create a new message option
  1. The previously broadcasted messages can be searched by using the filter Message Type to search the information :

 1. All: This option will be selected by default, and it will show all the message broadcasts for the center as well as the staff that were created in the past.

2. Center: You can select the center option to search the message broadcasted at the center level. 

3. Staff: You can also use the Staff option to search the message broadcasted at the staff level.

  1. Click on "Create New broadcast Message" to create the new message.
  2. Message Type: Select the Message Type, i.e. you wish to create for center or staff level.
  3. Message Text: Type your message in the ‘Message Text’ box.
  4. Start Date and End Date: Set the Start Date and End Date, i.e. when should the message broadcast start and when should it stop.
  5. Select Center Names: In the case of the center level message or select Users Names in case of the staff level message.
  6. Preview Area: On the right side of the screen, you will be able to view the message which shows how your message will appear.
  7. Clicking on "Save" to create the message.

1. Can I view previously broadcast messages
Ans. Yes. Go to Settings > Use the filters to search the message.
2. Can I stop the broadcast set for users/centers?
Ans. Yes. Go to Settings > Use the filters to search the message > Make the status – Inactive.
3. Can anyone from the gym/club broadcast the message?
Ans. No. Only the person having the access right for this feature can create the message for broadcast.

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