Service rendered report

Service rendered report

This report enables you the details of all the collections for services that were rendered to any you member in the selected date period by any mode of payment including payment through gift vouchers & digital wallet. This report excludes the Collection of revenue received by the sale Gift vouchers or adding money to the digital wallet.

How to check the service rendered report

  • Click on reports
  • Open the Service Rendered Report
  • Select the date range (From Date- To Date) or select the time period i.e. today, yesterday, last week, this week, last month, this month. 
  • Refine your search by filling the various filters:
  • Select the Payment mode i.e. cash, cheque, card, digital wallet, gift voucher, if you want to see the collection mode wise. If you select card then you can further select card type i.e. master , visa , amex incase you want to narrow down your search to a particular card type
  • Select the Payment status i.e.bounced, cleared, return to customer etc.
  • Further refine the search by the cheque number, external bill/receipt number(if any)
  • After selecting the various filters you can narrow down your search to obtain the desired results
  • Lastly click on ‘Search’ and get the detailed report as below
  • You can also send Bulk SMS/Emails from this report

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