SMS transactional report

SMS transactional report

The SMS Transactional Report helps understand the SMS status. Sending SMS to your clients is now easy through FitnessForce Software. As easy it is sending the SMS's, it is easier to know the status of SMS's sent to a specific client.

Where to find an SMS Transactional report?


  •  Login into FitnessForce Software


  • Go to – Reports > SMS Transactional



Which Filters Can Be Used for Reading SMS Transactional Report?


You can filter the SMS Transactional report basis the below filters


  •  Select the Account Manager, State, City, and Center.


Date Information:


  • You can select Yesterday, Today, Last Week, This Week, Last Month, and This Month.
  • Select the From Date (the date from which you want to view the report) and To Date (the date till which you want to view the report).
  • Select the Client Search (This helps you to view information of a single client).
  • Select the status – SMS status whether delivered, sent, etc.


SMS Information:


  • Template Name – Name of the SMS Sent
  • Sent By – Through whose User ID has the SMS been sent
  • SMS Type – Whether the SMS was automated/live/manual
  • Click on Search



Once you have filtered the report, you will get the below-mentioned information:

  • Client ID
  • Name
  • Created Date – SMS Sent Date
  • Template name
  • Status – This shows the reason for the non-delivery of SMS or if it was delivered.
  • Notification Type
  • Status Date – This column provides the date and time of when the status has been updated



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