Introduction to Subscription

Introduction to Subscription

What is Subscription Plan in FitnessForce?

Subscription Plan (also known as Recurring) is a feature which will auto-renew memberships on a fixed/SignUp date, auto-charging member’s card on a monthly basis. Invoice will be auto-generatedin the software on month to month basis.

Benefits of the feature:

Sr No.

Feature Details

Benefits to the Member

Benefits to the Gym


Subscription Cost

Low cost to take a decision

Increase Live Members


Payment Intervals

Month on Month Payment

Predict Monthly cash-flow


Deposit (optional)

Flexibility to the Member

Safeguard Break even cost with Deposit


Subscription Paylink

Signup online

Get member signed up with just a link


Any date Signup

Join anytime during the month

No restritions for member sign-up


Automated Signup & Notifications

Automated wow experience

Reduce Staff Effort


Accepting T & C

Read T & C online before payment

Safeguard Gym Policies



Non-stop Access every month

Auto-debit & Auto Invoice generation



The member gets a grace period in case of payment failure & reminder to keep sufficient balance

Payment Failure gets auto-retried


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