Subscription FAQ's

Subscription FAQ's

1. How to create Subscription plan in FitnessForce?

Kindly refer the steps below under Configuration part.
Subscription products will be seen in Purchase Page going to create New Membership Bill with a Contract Logo to identify as Subscription Product.

2. What does a Subscription contain?

A subscription contains product details along with the amount and frequency of the billing cycles. Depending upon your business, you can create multiple plans with different billing cycles and pricing.

3. Which payment instruments support subscription payments?
  1. Credit Cards on MasterCard and Visa network issued by any bank in India.
  2. Debit Cards on Mastercard and Visa network issued by ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank,Citibank, Canara Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Deutsch Bank, HDFC Bank, AxisBank
  3. UPI max amount limit of Rs. 2000 (Under process by the payment gateway)

4. How does recurring payments on Debit Cards work in India?

Recurring payments, customer authorizes the first transaction through a normal Two-Factor Authentication/3D Secure flow.

5. How is the Signup Amount will be calculated?

Pro-Rata & Deposit amount with taxes will be deducted on the Signup from the card.If you want 1st month recurring to be also deducted you can configure your contracts in such away.
Example: Member Signed up on 12th Jan 19, system will auto calculate pro-rata charges applicable based on the billing date of the center which is say 5th. On payment summary, it will show Pro-rata Amt +Deposit Amt + Taxes that he will have to pay.

6. How the recurring payment will be deducted?

Recurring payment will be deducted every month on the Billing Date of the center
Example: Member Signed up on 12th Jan 19 for month to month recurring &center is having billing date as 5th of every month, then on the 5th of every month payment will be deducted from his/her card & Invoice will be generated automatically in FF giving respective membership of 1 month in members profile.

7. How does billing in FitnessForce will work for every month?

Every month Tax Invoice will be created of the recurring amount based on the billing cycle. On successful payment,membership will be renewed & receipt will be adjusted against the Invoice with Payment status as cleared. On payment failure, receipt status will be marked as Bounced like cheque bounced.

8. How Member will be notified at each stage of the payment processed?
  1. Email will be sent to the client for Signup
  2. On successful deduction SMS & Email will be sent with a Tax Invoice notifying them for successful transaction
  3. Reminder SMS & Email will be sent for the next consecutive deduction.
  4. Failure SMS & email will be sent if the transaction was unsuccessful in any case.
  5. Retry SMS & Email will be sent in case recurring deduction is a failure.
9. Can we see how many members are on contract?

Yes, we have Subscription Signup report which will give summary & details of such client who have opted for recurring.

10. Can we see how many renewals due?

Yes, the Subscription Transaction report will be able to show case that for a respective month.

11. Can we see how many payments got failed?

Yes, Subscription Transaction report will be able to show case same.

12. Can a member freeze subscription plan?

Yes, based on the centre criteria, members will be able to freeze their membership, be it within the same month or coming month.

13. Can a member transfer subscription plan?

No, member will have to cancel their subscription &  for the new member new sign up link will have to be sent.

14. Does FitnessForce have Quarterly or Half yearly or Yearly subscription plan?

Yes, this is based on the configurations.

15. Can a member cancel the subscription plan?

Member is in an agreement /contract of 12 months, he/she cannot cancel. However, if he/she still don't pay asking his/her bank to not allow, the contract will collapse due to non payment on next renewal & the membership will no longer be Active.

16. Will all users/staff be able to sign-up member?

This will be completely rights based in FitnessForce where Admin can define from Access template whether the respective user or an employee can send a subscription link.

17. What will be the validity of the subscription link?

Subscription link will be valid till midnight after which a new link will have to be sent to avoid rate changes impact.

18. What will be the activation date of subscription if Sign up doesn't happen on the same day?

Activation date will be transaction day + 1.
Example: if the link was sent to prospect on 12th Jan but member signs up on 13th then the activation date will be the 14th Jan.

19. How can a member change the card for auto debit?

A member will have to stop payment from the existing card saved & sign-up with a new card if a member wishes to change in-between the contract agreed period.

20. Can a center cancel the subscription plan for a member?

No, currently we do not have the cancellation rights at the center level. The centre will have to ask the member to stop payment from their bank.

21. Will the charges for recurring payment be collected from Member? 

Charges will be deducted from the collected contract amount by payment gateway partners & settled net amount to your bank account. 
In Short borne by the center or gym owner.

22. When will be the Subscription amount collected hit the bank account of gym owner?

To ensure smooth operation & clarity, it will be settled once a month to your bank account till then it will be in payment gateway wallet.

23. Can I change the subscription amount?

Yes, you can change the subscription amount for the existing plan created.

23. What will happen to the existing members if I change the subscription amount?

Existing members will continue on old price till their subscription doesn't end, however, new members will be able to onboard with new subscription price.
24. Can we sell 2 products / package in subscription?

Yes, 2 products with different services can be sold as a package in a subscription.

25. Can a member have 2 active subscription plans of same service type?

No, member can only have one Active subscription plan at a time.

26. What happens when a Member is terminated in between the subscription period?

Subscription plan will be cancelled & membership will be suspended.

27. How do I see how many months left in subscription for a particular member?

In the Members profile, refer Subscription Details tab.
Image below for reference:

28. Can we give discount on subscription plan?

Contract feature itself has a lower cost for recurring subscription hence we do not support discount on contract as of now.

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