User login Id creater

User login Id creater

Manage Tenant User List feature allows you to create software login credentials for a new employee/user. Using this setting you can also change the existing user’s login password or suspend the user-id and update the shift timing of your employee.


  • To access the ‘manage tenant user list’, click on the Settings → Manage Tenant User List. You’ll be redirected to a new page as shown below.

  • This page will by default show the list of all the Active user’s along with their assigned role & department 

  • Click on the Add New User option to create a new user id for your employee. As soon as you click on the add new user option you’ll be redirected to a new page as shown below.

  • Now you need to fill all the required fields to create a new user id.

  • Enter the Username.

  • Click on the Set My Own Password option, it will allow you to create your desired password.

  • Enter the details in the Mandatory fields First NameLast NameGenderDepartmentEmail ID, and Contact Number. (Filling the email address and contact number will help you to get the reset password link).

  • Select the user access rights from the drop-down mentioned on the left side of the Preview Template option. e.g. If you’re creating the user id for your trainer, then assign access template Trainer from the drop-down list.

  • Select the shift timings as per the staff’s roster from the drop-down list. Note: This is applicable only if the attendance biometric machine is integrated with the Fitnessforce software.

  • Click on the required checkbox from the mentioned list next to the questions asked Can this user access company level pages? If any of these checkboxes are tick marked. Then this will give access to the user at the center level to create product types, products, packages.

  • Select Yes, next to the question asked Can this user export the customer database to excel. Applicable only if you want to give export to excel right to this user.


  • Click on the checkbox next to the question asked to Exclude sensitive data from Export to excel. This option will exclude the selected data after exporting the data in an excel file. e.g. If you have selected Mobile number then if this specific user download the data it will contain rest of the data from the system but will not have members/Enquiries contact number

  • Click on Yes, next to the question asked Can this user access Staff App? and Show this user’s bio on mobile app?. Note: This feature is applicable only to the paid add-on service of the Mobile App. Click on No, if you’ve not subscribed for mobile application.

  • Click on Submit.


1. Can User access the software even after the profile is Suspended?

Ans: No, Once the profile is suspended the user can not access the software.

2. Can I edit the username after creation?

Ans- No, You cannot edit the username once created. However, you can make the current user id as Inactive and create a new user id of your choice.

3. Can I edit any information once the user id is created?

Ans - Yes, You can edit all the fields except the username.

4. Can I add new access templates in the drop-down list?     

Ans -  Yes, to add the new access template please refer to the document 

Refer to User Access Template to learn more

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