Client search

Client search

Client Omni search enables you to search the client record. If the client record is not found in the system you can create a new client record.

  • From the Omni search option, you can search the client through their name, contact number, email address and member id.

  • If the search result is found, you can click on the search result to open the client profile page. 

  • If the search result is not found i.e if the client profile is not found then the ‘Quick Link’ window will allow you with three ‘Create New’ options. i.e, you can create a Prospect or a Trial or a Member.

Create New - Prospect: 

  • The prospect option is used to create an enquiry into the software. New enquiry details. e.g. first name, last name, contact number and email address can be filled and once you save the page, the profile page of this enquiry will be created.

Create New - Trial:

  • The trial option is used to record the free trial sessions for the clients who need to try out the gym first before they decide to sign up for any membership.


  • You can set the number of free session limits and the trial validity date. e.g. Free 3-day trial sessions, valid for 15 days from the date of trial start date’.

   Create New - Member:

  • Member option is used to create a membership invoice for the client who has enrolled in your gym or club. The client can opt for short term or long term memberships like 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. An invoice can be generated through this option for all the purchases done at the centre by the client.

Quick link for Existing Clients :

Once the client record is found through the Omni search on the left-hand corner there will option as below: 

  • Check-in: This shortcut option allows you to track the member’s check-in time for a particular membership which is active.

  • Membership Bill: This shortcut option allows you to create the membership purchase invoice for an existing client record.

  • POS Bill: POS (Point of sale) shortcut option allows you to create invoices other than membership like joining fee, transfer fee, water bottle, towel, oil,  whey protein and so on. 


1. When does enquiry turn into a member?

Ans: Enquiry turns into a member when a bill is created.

2. How do we come to know if the client is an enquiry, trial or member in the Omni search?

Ans: Once you search the client in Omni search, you will find the name and client id followed by the status labelled blue for enquirygreen for member and  for trail 

3. What does the prospect mean?

Ans: Prospect is an enquiry form wherein all the necessary details are asked. eg. first name, last name or mobile number. 

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